Greetings to all our readers. I’m sure that, you must have been doing great at your fronts. Celebrations and festivities are round at the corner and performing artistes are busy with their scheduled performances and cultural visits. The air has already brought in the fragrance of Puja and our urge to play with colours, fashion, food, gatherings and lots of artistic concepts. Like me many of you must have been enjoying the subtle sunshine in the morning, the cool breeze swaying away our locks and the melodies playing at far distant places. This moment somehow retaliates so much with my childhood times. Some ambience never change even after years of traverse.

It’s nice to receive WhatsApp messages, emails and invites often about performances or any cultural projects taken by our friends and contacts. It showcases that, there are so many hopes for a smooth propagation of our Indian traditions and that, there are plenty who find ways to establish their prolific potentialities for themselves as well as for generations to come.

Amidst so many initiatives, the Amrapali (Society for ARTS) initiated the Board of Applied Integrated Arts (AIA Board), which is a multi-dimensional approach to provide in-depth knowledge of the subject learnt as well as other associated allied arts in a modern and smarter way. The AIA Board offers curricula for different performing/visual arts like Indian Classical Dances, Indian Classical Vocal, Introduction to Western Dances, Freestyle and Bollywood, Mime, Puppetry, Indian Folk Dances, etc. The AIA Board offers courses from January to December wherein the students will appear for their exam towards the last of December every year and may start with their next Level from January 15th of every year.

Concepts of training and learning of art forms in recent years have taken a high leap and there exists ample ways of gathering knowledge upon one’s passion and training. Even we may find various ways of rendering a particular art form which may be extra ordinary, brilliant and exceptional for some, whereas poor, unconventional and worthless for others. Art is such a subject whose liking or appreciation very much depends upon the understanding of the audience or sometimes just upon one’s mood. But, being in a bad mood or out of frame understanding and thus declaring a piece of art with a variety of criticism is not maturity. It does not potentially express the broad vision of the art critic and describes his/her self-imposition of that particular art form.

Learning or acquiring knowledge about how an art form is been nurtured throughout times and history will make us understand that, the present century of technology and global approach will also have its impact and own share of teachings. May be perhaps inclusion of technology would be a major part of art study in days to come!

Cheers and happy celebrations!