Namaskar to all!

As Amrapali is growing and been nurtured bit by bit, I thank all its well wishers and supporters whose vibes as well as expectations kept gearing within us to reach out for more. Amrapali as a concept was conceived in the year 2014 and it was brought out to the world as Amrapali Magazine, which was an e-magazine that collects and reports news related to arts, culture and heritage from across the globe.

Then in the year 2015, the concept of Amrapali was extended with a much bigger notion, wherein various activities and initiations coupled for the greater interest of arts and artistes and thus Amrapali (Society for ARTS) was formed. And with focus and the collective passion, Amrapali initiated events like Culture Colloquium, Chimera and Amrapali International Arts Conclave. And in 2017, the Amrapali Magazine is officially known an the Amrapali Rendition which we now bring forth as online to the world as

We soulfully concentrates upon arts, culture and heritage and we are still updating this site with all our previous news and reports. This month we are officially revealing as and let the world know that we are back!

The Amrapali Rendition Magazine, happens to be an exclusive platform for artistes and art connoisseurs to let the world know about their art works and news reports as well as those who write as art critic. Every artistes has to move ahead with hard work and at the same time build networking to raise his professionalism and work atmosphere. In today’s world of digitization and internet, it has become extremely important for artistes to make connections to the world as global citizens and hence connect or advertise their social accounts and their works with an online platform from wherein their concepts could be known and well established.

I hereby thank all those who made an effort to know about this site and thus contributing towards it. I also hereby welcome artistes to Amrapali Rendition Magazine from worldwide to mingle and build a strong arts community for the betterment of arts, culture and heritage.

Thanks and much love!!