Assam is a beautiful place with many heritage sites and architectures. Let’s travel to the Doul Gobindo temple situated in the North Guwahati. Scroll below to watch its full video. The Doul Gobindo temple is one of the major temples of Assam, situated on the foothills of the Chandra Bharati hill of Rajaduar in North Guwahati.

Doul Gobindo temple in North Guwahati. 

The temple is mainly devoted to Lord Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna the exponent of Bhagawat Gita is one of the most powerful incarnations of Lord Vishnu. 

Main entrance of the temple

The entrance of the Doul Gobindo temple is established with a statue of Lord Ganesha bathed with red vermilion. Small shops outside the temple sells prayer essentials like diya, incense sticks, flowers, fruits, etc. Entering the temple, on its left side running water arrangement is made for washing of hands and feet before entering the main shrine. 

A separate structure is built attached to the main shrine for lighting of diyas and incense sticks. The temple premise is kept clean and dust bins are located to throw litters. Daily activities of the Doul Gobindo temple starts in the early morning at 7. Taking photos and videos are not permitted inside the main shrine. Towards the end of a busy day, the temple is washed and cleaned thoroughly. 

As I stepped down, I made sure not to miss ringing the giant bell. Because I believe that, vibrations rippled in the ambiance stimulates our positive energy. If you plan to visit the temple by road, it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes i.e. approximately 67 kms. from Fancy Bazar, Guwahati. 

Several stories pertaining to the Lord exist and how the Lord was brought here by Late Gargaram Baruah from a place called Sandhyasar in Nalbari district, Assam. The first structure of this holy temple was erected almost 150 years ago. The first renovation taken place in the year 1966. The temple is known for its Holi celebrations celebrated every year during the month of February/March. 

North Guwahati is situated on the either side of the Brahmaputra river and regular ferry services are available from the Fancy Bazar Ferry Ghat to Rajaduar. The evening beautifies with Arati and devotional songs. Next time when you visit Guwahati, do visit this part of the city and make sure to visit here early so that you can witness all the prayer rituals. 

The Prasad followed by the Bhog is distributed in the Prayer Hall to all the devotees. Worshipers from far away come here to pay their homage and worship the Lord. The temple is very well maintained. the lush green surrounding could make you sit for the whole day being relaxed and obsessed with the greenery. 

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