The Hongshan culture finds its lineage with the Liaoning Province, situated in Shenyang at China withstanding the famous Liaoning Provincial Museum which exhibits several hundreds of invaluable artifacts.

Around 600 relics were excavated at the Niuheliang ruins which happen to be a prominent Neolithic site displaying the Hongshan culture. The Niuheliang prospered nearly 5,000 years back and was a site for several temples and burial locations.

The Liaoning Province witnessed series of archaeological excavations right from 1954, with several projects aiming to preserve historical identities out of which eight projects were revered being the ‘Top Yearly National Archaeological Finds’.

The exhibit was categorized into six variants starting from the Palaeolithic period to the profound Qing dynasty. Researchers and experts believe the Liaoning Province to be significantly viable to understand the origin and development of Chinese civilization.

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