AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS), a socio-cultural organization successfully commemorated the 3rd CULTURE COLLOQUIUM 2017 in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, North Guwahati College, North Guwahati and Media Partnered with Amrapali Rendition Magazine. The Guest Speaker for 2017 was Ratna Das, Chief of Aaideo Talkies, an initiative to promote and propagate Assamese cinema in rural areas and to all segment of the society. The event was inaugurated by the Dr. Dilip Das, Principal, North Guwahati College in presence of Pranaame Bhagawati, Founder of Amrapali (Society for ARTS), Tikendrajit Sarma, Education Consultant, Amrapali (Society for ARTS) and the august gathering of teachers, staff and students.

L to R: Bandana Barman & Pubali Gupta performing Pushpanjali

The main motive of organizing such an event is to spread the message amidst the upcoming generation about the hurdles that every individual come across and that, goodwill towards any dream or initiative that is beneficial to society always leads to success. The event started with a Bharatnatyam recital presenting a Pushpanjali by Pubali Gupta and Bandana Barman, performing artistes at the Amrapali Repertory (Guwahati) and a group dance in creative style by the Rodali Dance Academy (North Guwahati).


Audiences attending the 3rd Culture Colloquium 2017 at the auditorium of North Guwahati College

Towards the end of the colloquium, the audiences actively interacted with the speaker asking the pros and cons as well as possibilities of spreading the goodness of Assamese cinema. Ratna Das said, “I’m overwhelmed with the responses I received at the Culture Colloquium and I’m amazed to see the love and support which the audiences gave for Aaideo Talkies. I’m really happy to be invited here and heartily thank Amrapali Society for giving me this platform to spread my message.”

At the onset of organizing something which is unique wherein not only the invited speaker places his/her thoughts, but the audiences also equally place their notions and become an active connoisseur in adding their viewpoints.

Pranaame Bhagawati further adds, “The beauty of Culture Colloquium is that, a lot keeps happening in our art and cultural world, but very few could be essentially be a part of it. Many teenagers are stressed and disappointed with their life, but when they come across wonderful messages and stories of initiatives like Aaideo Talkies, etc. they gradually realize their hidden strengths and become positive that, they can lead life much better and ahead than they were thinking.”

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