When the clouds were busy playing the hide-n-seek game up the skies in New York throughout the daytime on the same tithi of when Lord Krishna was born i.e. Janmastami is when Dimple Saikia, the pride of the region was busy preparing for her first International Performance on Sattriya – one of the oldest and popular dance forms of Assam at the Erasing Border Festival, organised by Indo-American Arts Council hosted by Battery Dance Festival.
Coincidentally, this year also happens to be the 70th Independence day of the nation. After a heavy downpour, clouds lifted on the horizon and a serene atmosphere was created with intermixing of colours, culture, music, dance and the beautiful river flowing behind the stage adding more vitality to the scenic beauty of the evening.
Dimple Saikia, who begun learning Sattriya dance from her father Guru Gobinda Saikia at the age of seven has been performing for the last twenty years on TV and at dance festivals all over the country, was one of the main attractions of the evening. With the deep connection to her roots and extraordinary dancing skills, she did make an iconic statement at the event.
The theme on which Dimple Saikia performed her Sattriya dance recital was based on Lord Krishna’s mischievous deeds that included stealing of butter and under-bringing of Kalinaag. Her exceptional communicative act did draw attention of huge amicable crowd at the venue.
Amongst them all was Alastair Macauley, chief dance critic in New York Times wrote, “I have never seen Sattriya so stunningly shown”.
The young lady, who is herself a talent house have got the state a real proud moment to be cherished. Talking with Amrapali magazine, about her accolades that she has achieved representing North-East India to such an internationally acclaimed platform, the humble artiste says “Wow! Simply wonderful! [It] Feels really lucky that, I’m invited to such a great event to represent the beautiful classical dance of Assam and got a chance to represent North-East. I am honoured”.
We wish her all luck for the future endeavours and a heartiest congratulation for her achievement.

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