The Disney World fantasizes all adventure and fun loving children and adults. I always dream of visiting a fantasy land or a ‘Disney World’ in my life and I have been lucky to spend a whole one day until late evening in the Disney World at Orlando (USA) along with my parents in the early winters of 2017. I spent some wonderful moments here and it brought to me some rendezvous glimpses of Fairyland, cartoons and the terrific as well as scary Roller Coaster rides.

I was so amazed with the beautiful and huge Fairy Tale castle behind me.

As soon as we entered the Disney World with our family friend Sharda aunty, we parked the car and headed to the capsule train to reach to the entrance of the Disney World. There we met a Chinese uncle who guided us through inside. It was such a wonderful experience and my recklessness poured over being too excited to know what lied ahead or in the next phase. It is beyond any words when I witnessed the massive infra structure and the beautiful gardening that surrounds my walks ahead.

I endeavoured the big and beautiful Cinderella castle welcoming us, inside which many little shops sell gifts and souvenirs. Amongst them one, I bought my badge of ‘1st visit’ and yea a Minnie Mouse hair band. Walking across all that came by and making me more thrilled and excited as if I was with all the characters I often meet in my story books from childhood.

The long musical parade by various characters of Disney was an unbelievable experience. Shouting, jumping and showing all the love I have for them all was not enough to settle my expectations and excitement. Visiting rides was fun but the Space Mountain ride scared me intensely. This super fast ride amidst the space like ambiance did not allow me to open my eyes out of fear.


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The journey into the world of Aerial was amazing and was like a dream. The sea fishes and under water creatures made wonderful moves onto the music played. At the late evening, the entrance of the Disney World adorns itself with the musical fireworks. I could not take my eyes off even for a second. The wonderful day was coming to an end with such brilliant rendition that, moving out and leaving all the characters was very sad for me.

There were planes who leave ‘LOVE’ words in the sky in their super artistic way. Amongst all the fun I had at the Disney World, I will always cherish the neatness maintained all over. And above all, I’m glad to have met Sharda aunty and grateful for all her love and accompaniment extended towards us!

LOVE word in the air

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