Assam is famous for its traditional attire Mekhela Sador and many also name it as a two piece Saree. The heart of Assam beats through this beautifully weaved hand loom clothing.

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When we think about Assamese silk, the first destination that comes to our mind is Sualkuchi. Sualkuchi is the major hub of the traditional hand loom Mekhela Sador of Assam. To reach Sualkuchi, it takes abour 45 mins. to 1 hour from Guwahati. It is the weavers destination of Assam. The video gives the glimpse of the different outlets and the shops in the Sualkuchi market that sells the traditional attire namely Mekhala Sador and also some of them have the manufacturing unit at their homes and other nearby venues.

A cotton thread Mekhela Sador of stunning colour combination. PC: Amrapali Clicks

Assam is famous for its Assamese silk and also the design patterns weaved on the cotton thread, these are very attractive and low priced. The Mekhela is the cylindrical attire that is worn below as a front pleated skirt and the Sador is a lengthy cloth that is wrapped around the body leaving a piece hanging from the shoulder.

The Kesa Paat silk which is also called the raw silk. When the silk thread is boiled it is the Mulberry Silk and after weaving it is a solid silk fabric. Whereas when the Kesa Paat (raw silk) is weaved, the finished fabric remains like a look a like of the tissue clothing, it is more or less like a see through fabric. When the Assamese silk is boiled, 1 kg. of such silk thread looses approximately 300 gms. of its weight.

Pranaame Bhagawati holding the Muga silk cocoons at Sualkuchi, Assam. PC: Amrapali Clicks

All the Mekhela Sadors are weaved into beautiful patterns and vibrant colours. It is so difficult to make a choice out of it. The cocoons of all the different Assamese silks are different.

Assamese silks come in variety like the Mulberry Silk, Toss Silk, Kesa Paat Silk and Muga Silk. The Toss Silk is a bit crispy in texture. The Muga Silk is the costliest silk of Assam. 1 kg. of the Muga thread costs around INR 25,000/-. The golden colour of the Muga silk thread is a natural Golden colour. The Assam handloom has got ample opportunities to do business within the country or also export it.

At the manufacturing unit of Mekhela Sador at Sualkuchi, Assam.

I visited a manufacturing unit wherein there were 4 hand loom machines, out of which 2 were busy and the threads were laid out. In the hand loom machine, the design cards are laid through the machine and there exist 120 thin rods that punches down the design through the holes on the design cards. A regular pair of Mekhela Sador takes approximately 1 week to finish weaving.

The weavers work from morning 8:30 am to 12 pm. Then again after a lunch break, they start working from around 4 pm to 10 pm. It is so mesmerizing to watch the weavers putting in so much of efforts, counting each and every threads. Thus some beautiful designs are created!

Costliest and naturally golden coloured of Assam – Muga Silk.

All of you who have watched the video, I’m sure that you must have loved the effort, dedication and time put into to accomplish a set of traditional hand loom Mekhela Sador. If you happen to visit Guwahati, do not forget to visit Sualkuchi and purchase a pair of this beautiful traditional clothing.