Hello world!

Hope you all are excited with lots of plans and activities this summer. Like all the kids await for this hot month to learn, participate and excel in their dream activities, I’m sure that many of us, the parents and teachers are excited too! You all must have been through many advertisements and surfing through all that you have come across in this regard, because you look forward to a healthy investment of time, energy and money.

On this, I would like to suggest that, there would be many upcoming organisations or groups who might be giving you a very good deal or their might be some lesser known opportunities that might introduce you to a whole new you. Surf well and and do not hesitate to ask questions for your self understanding. Sometimes big names and immense publicity also seems to understated and does not come up to our expectations.

And if in case you have a plan for a long holiday outside your native place and if you think you can devout some bit of your time, then never loose the chance of exploring something unique that can definitely boost your potentialities. Search through the internet or inquire through your relatives or friends in your travel destination. They might be able to give you some inputs.

There are several ways to choose a right centre for summer activities:

  1. Understand the work history/culture of that organisation or institute or centre through their website or Facebook page.
  2. Learn if the organisation is registered or affiliated.
  3. Try getting to know the bio-profile of the teachers who will teach you.
  4. Try searching for other centres nearby who are delivering similar service.
  5. Big fee or big name does not always means big learning accomplishments
  6. Certification should be considered as a major aspect after the activity finishes.

And if you do not have plans to participate, travelling is the best learning! Help your mother with her daily chores or your dad with his works (the ones that you can really manage well) will help you learn work philosophies :). I personally feel that a long vacation is the best time to feel oneself, to find how fortunate we are that we are living and not just surviving. And realizations indeed gives birth within us something that we were hardly aware of.

There are still many things like writing poems, travel blog, bird watching, making hand made cards that could be stored for forthcoming celebrations like New Year, Birthdays, Diwali, Christmas, etc. All these could be beautiful initiatives that you will be proud of at the end of the month.

So stay active and positive and engage your mind and physic in the ocean of your dream. As we all know that, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, hence we cannot afford to turn out to just one like that. Utilise your summer with the best of things you can!