To all our readers and subscribers, I’m hereby sending my greetings and big love for the forthcoming festivities. India is a land of over hundreds of festivals and celebrations and each of those teaches us the depth and philosophical side attached to our life. Like every evil gets killed or demolished at the end, so will the bad  phase and the negativity get swiped away from us.

We all must stay positive and keep our beliefs and inner strength enlightened, because TIME is powerful and can overpower almost everything unexpectedly. Someone the other day said about dreams. I too believe in dreams and simultaneously I firmly believe in time too! I have met many who are very talented but things goes wrong with them despite of doing very essential needed. On the other hand, there are some who reaches the peak with many flaws and measurable deficiencies.

So what do we bring to conclusion? I’m not guiding you to leave everything upon time and sit back and watch and then blame your bad time if you do not succeed or praise the hard work you have done when your target is fulfilled. My note here is to tell you that, time does not oversee anything, it cautiously scrutinize our every deeds and efforts. If we are honest with our efforts it will certainly pay us well.

Also, there will be many who will try to stumble your works and then you will come to know that, you are beyond average. You are something that people look forward to and the week ones are scared off because they are lacking the possessions you have. And these possessions are the ones you earned through your self development, hard work, vision and implementations. And this is where the time calculates your interest and surprises you with ample of benefits at the right moment.

Never let darkness and hindrance curb you from within. Keep your soul and inner consciousness enlightened! Stay upright and keep working, because every phase of time matters.