Stepping into AMRAPAALI’s second issue feels great, as we grow with new contents vision and relationships. I’m delighted to introduce an energetic set of friends and associates, who has graciously joined our venture with artistic vibes and likewise cultural restlessness. I welcome Siddhartha Sarma, Dr. Hirendrakumar Bhagawati, Dr. Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti and Sayeda Afjalina Wasi in the panel of AMRAPAALI. At a phase when we bond relationships to grow towards prosperity and global unity, there are others at the same time who are losing their identity and lives. News from Gaza and that of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 tears our soul apart at the thinking of inhuman approaches.

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894), an American physician, poet, writer, humorist and a professor at Harvard once very well quoted that:


Growth is not contagious, but collaborative. Growth is physical, but is only then, when it is executed well with healthy mind. Growth marks its stability, where there is well-being in thoughts and deeds. Greedy and selfish approaches cannot be carried ahead for too long. Being true to oneself and the surrounding, opens the door to exploration of self-existence, life’s beauty, a driving passion for discovery and an acute innovative approach; all restored within self but, results in the betterment of humanity at large.

Art being considered as a soulful emergence is related to creation and innovation, wherein there lies no geographical boundaries and Line of Control. In many political relations, the cultural diplomacy plays a major part in keeping intact the relation of different countries. Despite of making commendable efforts in culture promotion in various aspects that we come across, there are still some who has been putting their skills in looting and cultural heritage trafficking. Few of such artifacts are returned to its natives, some are still on the processed applications and many more stands inside foreign museums while look-a-like and fake antiquities and arts are reigning the marketplace.

The basic of every art and culture is its originality and inception, upon which we all artistes tries to ponder our thoughts to give it an abstract form. In no way, would we like to appreciate a copy of an art nor would tolerate confiscation of cultural heritage.

India marching forward with its varied cultural diaspora and springing with the concept ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, defined as – Together with All, Development of All is a fresh mark for its 68th Independence.

Happy reading!