As we all have completed the first month of this new year, many of us must be embarking ahead for the coming months with lot many artistic plans and cultural activities. Similarly, to mark our achievements and strengthen the posterity of Amrapali, we brought out a limited edition of the first #amrapali_calendar 2018. The new year illustrated much dreams into our minds and we all have already started crafting for the print edition of AMRAPALI RENDITION.

Growth is possible with team efforts and when every bit of this growth becomes contagious then, initiatives, ventures and new possibilities open the door to success. I always believe in spreading art to the ones who never realized their artistic exuberance. I feel elated to make them aware that, each one of us is blessed with an imaginative or creative concurrence. At the same time, when we are successful to generate a group of students who seeks to learn from us, we must be responsibly preach the course. Some will prove to be potential blossoms while there will be some who still struggles to make a mark with their presence and executions. Nonetheless, we must not ignore the interest of the later towards dancing. A single demotivating word would ruin their passion.

Many dance professionals and teachers like me must have come across a myriad of situations. But, we all have learnt and accomplished well in building and molding these creative souls. Imparting dance lessons over more than a decade, I would particularly like to mention that, many recognized schools do not have well trained or certified dance teachers. It is indeed a provocative situation wherein children are growing in the hands of some unprofessional and unknowledgeable dance teachers who specifically needs support of YouTube or Google. Moreover, many schools simply do not consider Indian classical trained dance teachers for their students as they believe that, students must enjoy and it’s their demand to learn modern dance.

It is a shame and threat for firstly not believing in our traditional heritage, then doubt its potentiality whether it will entertain or not and thirdly that nowadays Indian classical dance is not working or is not popular amidst school students. Now, here is a huge demand of change required in the thinking of the principals of the schools. Indian classical dance is ruling most of the major countries of the world and if you think your school’s students are not interested, then it is high time to implement such traditional approaches within your premises and simultaneously change your mindset.

It is a pride to witness many organisations working for the promotion of the Indian arts and culture at the ground level, inculcating it amongst the children at schools and colleges. There are even some schools who are promoting their students with course and conduct examinations. But, such schools are very few in numbers. And hence, we all need to voice out our concern to the school authorities for inclusion of trained and certified dance teachers and moreover, take initiatives in promoting artistic talents through tradition besides education and sports.

If you have any such concern or ideas to implement, mail us at with your name and address.

Thanks and much love!