I write this note to all our readers on eve of the festive occasion of Bohag Bihu in Assam. All over India, this festive occasion is celebrated in their own unique ways and rituals like Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab, etc. I’m super excited to witness and experience all the tradition that will be starting very soon now (April 14th – 15th). I’ll be sharing all these experiences as Amrapali TalkArts on my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and get notified.

This Rongali/Bohag Bihu, I have come to my in-law’s place in Majuli and during the last two days, I experienced many traditions with the local people and the local Mising Tribe. I had an amazing time at the traditional bamboo kitchen of a Mising tribe family and then also tasted some very traditional yet organic food and dishes of this wonderful heritage island.

I personally get so much attracted to such traditionalism in villages and rural places because it is far away from modernity and concrete ideologies. Celebrations are best witnessed and experienced when you are present in your native place, preferably which is not urban and it gets more special when you have with you both young and old members of your family. I’m sharing this from my very own experience that, I’ve known or have educated myself with many such things whenever I have visited Majuli or to any remote/rural places.

There are many organisations and associations in cities and urban localities, who takes utmost care in rendering traditions amidst the upcoming generation. This is a very good step in fostering youths with one’s own culture and tradition but still if there is a possibility to visit your own ancestral or native place, do visit it specifically during festivities to recollect your root.

The morning breeze, the birds’ singing, the rhythms of the Dhol coming across from far, the aroma of food in the neighbouring houses and our fun filled heart does not let us to be adult anymore. This is the time, when we crave for all the fun and laughter together.

On behalf of the Amrapali Magazine, I wish you all a very happy Bohag Bihu. We’ll be happy to share your experiences here. Do share your happiness at