Health benefits of Bitter Gourd, Bitter Melon or Bitter Squash

5th September 2017By Dr. Hirendrakumar BhagawatiFeatured, Health & Wellness No Comments

The health benefits of karela (Bitter-Gourd) are greater than those of many vegetables. Karela’s bitter taste is generally attributed to the quinine it contains. Cooked bitter gourd stimulates the appetite, cleanses the liver, purifies the blood, and provides many other benefits. Perhaps Bitter Gourd is the secret of the Okinawa Islander longevity! Although, the bitterness … Read More

The Dancing Masks

21st August 2017By Pranaame BhagawatiFeatured No Comments

From time immemorial, masks has been an integral part of dancing. It is an accessory worn upon face to portray a specific character and also to disguise oneself as per the performance content. But, there also exist masks that is worn on the whole body like the giant Totem mask of Australia and also around … Read More

Dance Stance

13th August 2017By Pranaame BhagawatiCulture, Featured No Comments

Dance, is to move rhythmically. It fascinates all and is a subject that is dear to many of us, having its bit alive in everybody’s life. Its emergence could be dated back from a very early time; when seasonal change stimulated the feelings of the beings, when the beings realized the beauty in nature and … Read More

Indian Dance Through Ages

15th August 2014By Pranaame BhagawatiCulture, Featured No Comments

Dance is an ancient art form that very much influences the society and also gets influenced and prone to social norms at the same time.  As a temple art, especially meant for the purpose of offering to Gods, Indian classical dances have traversed varied time frames of being possessed with royal honours to undergoing social … Read More