PC: Amrapali Clicks

The Aswaklanta Temple, one of the ancient heritages of Assam was built by the Ahom King Shiva Singha in 1720. This monument stands on the bank of the Brahmaputra river in North Guwahati. Every heritage has got its own history and influences. It is very well said by some wise that, “When culture is lost, there lies no identity.” It becomes our responsibility to preserve our heritage, as it is not only our rights but also our pride.

While making a visit to this heritage site recently, I was saddened by its state of existence. Are we really proud of it? And if not, atleast do we have any concept for developingĀ  tourism on to this land? Northeast is treasured with many historical and mythological sites of importance. But, does the mainland India is aware of it? Or do the locals even know about it? Preserving the heritages must be considered as an important task by the government.

PC: Amrapali Clicks

When we don’t concentrate to safeguard such sites that happens to be our own cultural identity, then how can we expect the world to know about our right to such cultural lineages? Walking through those hundreds of years old stone steps, that is now webbed with mosses and creepers, flashed what lies ahead of it and in what pity condition.

Instead of pouring huge funds in the name of creating new tourism logo as well as signing a brand ambassador too, will not cover our non-efficient work force.

Frequent visits should be made by researchers, students, archaeological people and art historians and moreover committees should be formed for its healthy existence. Special editions or pages must be dedicated by media for protection of such sites, of which we take great pride.

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