It is a very painful as well as a pondering topic to observe the loss of our ancient culture whether it be in object form or tradition. Archeologists and curators are certainly not so happy with whatever is happening to the artifacts and other materials that are connected to our roots and history of our existence.The most saddening part is that, it is only us – the humans, who are harming and destroying them by various means, may it be theft, insurgent attacks or smuggling and this is just not taking place in our country but whole over the world.

Recently At Vellore, police have arrested four persons involved in theft cases and recovered property, including two idols, totally worth ₹10 lakh. It is not that the arms forces are not equipped enough for the security of the antic property but, people are less aware of the values that it have in answering us to most of the questions to our existence.

Thulamela archaeological site

Everyday we come through cases from various parts of the world that involves such heinous crime and every possible effort that has been done by the criminals to destroy them.

  • A collection of Native American artifacts, coins from around the world and three swords were stolen from a home west of Salina. The coin collection included pieces from Germany, Ireland, France Italy, Israel, England, Jordan and Holland and is valued at $300.
  • Timbuktu, a city listed as a Unesco World Heritage site, then put on its List of World Heritage in Danger in 2012. This city is also known as ‘City of 333 Saints’. In 2012, Jihadists linked to groups such as Al-Qaeda destroyed 14 of the 16 mausoleums.
  • Thieves stole some centuries-old golden artifacts from a South African park named Krugen National Park. The stolen artifacts included a necklace, bracelets and beads excavated from two graves at the Thulamela archaeological site, which was inhabited between the 13th and 17th centuries. The robbery have triggered an outcry among several archeologist’s and curators.
  • Some 400 Viking objects were stolen from a Norwegian Museum suggesting it to be one of the most ‘immeasurable’ loss in the 200 years of Norwegian Museum history. Thieves were able to enter the museum on the seventh floor via scaffolding on the building’s facade.
  • A smuggling attempt of an Egyptian passenger to Saudi Arabia has been foiled by the authorities at the Cairo International Airport. A collection of Khedival era coins, paper currency, contracts, bonds and other documents has been extracted.

This may or may not be an issue of concern for every person but, it certainly will affect the future. A time will come when we will need proof for our existence itself. If these artifacts and other historical elements are not preserved now or if destroyed continuously then certainly our destruction would be inevitable.

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