Kathak the immensely popular as well as the oldest dance form of our country was wisely delivered by Divya Goswami Dikshit disciple of Guru Munna Shukla on 21st August organised by India Habitat Centre at New Delhi.

Hailing from the lineage of the legendary Hindu philosophy of Vedanta “Swami Ram Tirtha”, Divya established today as an artist anchored to the roots of traditional dance forms. Carrying this rich tradition into her work, Divya belief  that, Indian classical dance art forms and the Kathak dance in particular, takes us closer to our roots, our inner self and is a medium for self evolution.

Her deep connection to the traditional roots did show up at her evening performance. Her take-on to the evening performance was with Meera’s Krishna experience. Meera, the Great Rajasthani Saint who is also known as one of the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna was bewitched by the beauty of the blue God and the soul nourishing music that exuded from his flute.

Divya created a great saga correlating music, dance and devotion. Her effort was hugely appreciated. She was indeed capable of showing pure dance aspects of Kathak, wherein she presented Teen Taal, a time cycle of 16 beats. The Nritya Paksha in Kathak is a wonderful Confluence – a synthesis of the Hindu and Mughal culture.

Showing the Abhinaya Paksha, the national awardee shows traditional composition preceded by a couplet of Meera Bai. The composition celebrates the all important season of Indian Culture “Monsoon”. Her spectacular performance was indeed the witness that shows  her  profound connection to the culture.

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To conclude this evening recital, Divya presented Tarana set to Raag Bhairavi in Teen Taal. The compositions of huge appreciation to the queen of Raga Bhairavi and it also celebrates the heavenly Universal Mother Bhairavi. Divya Dikshit’s performance hereby stands as one of the notable performance for the evening and was deeply appreciated.

We from the Amrapali Magazine express our gratitude towards the successful effort that the artiste shown over. We wish her good luck for the future.

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