I heartily sent you all warm wishes for the Christmas and New Year. A lot is happening in AMRAPALI and we all are geared with many forthcoming and ongoing happenings. We have successfully completed the 2nd CHIMERA 2017 on October 24th, supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Assam, recognized by Shri Shri Uttar Kamalabari Sattra, Majuli and Media Partnered with Asomiya Pratidian and 3rd CULTURE COLLOQUIUM 2017 on November 25th in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, North Guwahati College, North Guwahati.

Celebrating each of such cultural events, we realize that, arts and culture still need to route deep into the society through a process wherein the spectators and audiences could actively participate in purpose of artistic exuberance. Many of the attendees of such events remain unaware prior to its execution that, these could correlate so much to their existence.

Life is beautiful and to feel this, we must take out some time for ourselves in silence and with nature. Glide yourself with an early morning walk and indulge into arts and culture as much as you can. It could be a long-lost poem which you want to restart again or a ‘Mandala’ left half drawn.

I remember Ursula, a lady whom I met during my stay of 2 weeks in Germany in 2003. My accommodation was arranged at her beautiful home and many of the moments spent together with her family still lingers in my mind. She often keeps herself busy with drawing ‘Mandala’ and after I return from conducting the dance workshops, she happily tells me that, she finished drawing one more Mandala. I was too young to understand the serenity which she receives from each of those completions.

Today, throwing back to all those times, I could feel where Ursula’s serenity lies. A constructive pattern, lines meticulously curved to join and meet with each other and forming and new dimension; it is just like building a dream bit by bit. And when everything falls correctly into its place, it launches its wholesome exquisiteness, illuminating hope of building another one. That’s how life goes on! And when one is into arts, a dull phase seems to have its own unique luster. Keep tapping and keep exploring yourself!

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